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Reading can take a multitude of pain and simply erase it. It can take you to new places and dimensions as soon as you turn a leaf. Reading is not only wholesome, its good for you. A book a day keeps all the cobwebs away

Vampire Wet Dreams

Samson's Lovely Mortal - Tina Folsom

Tina Folsom is a goddess a literary goddess who has helped me believe in writers again. I lost a little faith yesterday morning after completing a monstrosity but this book "HOT DAMN"


This book was good. I'd describe it as flawless. Samson and Delilah I mean I didn't even pick up on it till they actually met but I guess I was a bit slow but back to the Book. So she's an auditor and he's a vampire/businessman/softie/guy who's having erectile dysfunction after over 200 years of being alive -I'm just saying he should be over the moon most guys go soft in or around their sixties.


So Girl is in trouble she meets hot Vampire he ravishes her they fall in love. She is very difficult he's STUBBORN. And they live happily ever after for now.


What i loved though was how she gave us a little insight into the antagonists whilst not focusing on them too much. This was just a masterpiece and I applaud her for that. 

The Great Disappoinment that was Linger

Linger - Maggie Stiefvater

People tend to say MEH in times like this but that would be a serious waste I started reading this book In February it has been on my currently reading shelf for over seven months now. I do not believe in not finishing the book and that may just change now.


Linger simply put was a nightmare a monstrosity, I'm deeply saddened by my action of buying this book I feel as though the plot and the characters were somehow frozen and just 2 dimensional no facets of their personality interested me simply put. I just wanna curl up and cry for wasting my energy after reading this book

Drink Deep - Chloe Neill This book actually does not deserve 3 starts why you might ask in high school i was taught by my lowly high school teacher the importance of a frigging plot which was practically nonexistent in this book.

i hate(d)both mallory and catcher in this book and that was before i realized she was a witch bitch she was constantly snarky and just downright hostile towards merit.

why this book got three starts lets just say that chloe niell tried to save herself the pitchforks and protesters at her gate and she brought back Ethan but it was soo rushed that i barely had time to breathe.

why kill him in the first place and then leave us in a lurch.

Fall From Grace (Mad World, #1) - Christine Zolendz This was absolutely perfect
The Dark Divine - Bree Despain bleh
Boundless - Cynthia Hand y not christian?
Hidden - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast I loved this book teh most out of this series why
1. there was no male drama
2. zoey grew the f up (thank god)
3. the authors stopped referring to tv shows every five seconds
4. shaunee and erin have stopped being obnoxious
5 they actually tried to defeat neferet oh thank the lord
6. every body is appearing to get a happy ending (for now based on this writing style they may just burst in flames in the next book)

Now what exactly is erebus' problem
when is zoey going to 'change'are we gonna find out before the series finishes
so many questions so little books
The Selection - Kiera Cass why four and not five stars? this whole aspen thing he really grates on my nerves hes like a fourteen year old on her period one minute hot the next minute cold i mean chill the eff out.

love her character shes not really in the selection for him or for the crown she is there for her family and that ass hole aspen. she tries to make the best of it though shes real and u don't get that often from these characters now (don't see why protagonists have to be bitches)

is an ass hole hate him u dont tell your girl to go offer herself to the prince, leave break her heart destroy her dreams and then come back to patch things up ugh frustrating (also a character flaw of america that she so readily accepts him *frustrated sigh* but i love how in the end she tells him that right now the selection is her priority and she is ready to face being one of the elite)

totally date able hes really awkward though what eighteen year old boy has never been kissed aren't they maids in the house dont tell me hes not a randy teenage boy those don't exist so unless hes gay he should have had a first kiss -- character flaws aside hes really sweet (and cute)

Dont really want to talk about the other girls but let me reiterate i want to strangle Celeste soo bad its not even funny
Suddenly Royal - Nichole Chase There is no doubt in my mind this has been one of the best books i have read in a while the characters were not two dimensional thanks god and the banter was simply lovely.
I read it in a single read and am now very sad it over (which is why ill be reading it in a few)definite page turner.
did i mention that i love Alex
Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1) - Jamie McGuire Saturday was my read ero or 'new adult book' day
thankfully i picked up beautiful disaster i think its now truly rare where u find a good college romance books and this one was MUAH i enjoyed it sooo much
Their friendship was really funny to me but i liked the general flow of the book. Jamie Mcguire really knows hot to captivate an audience